Function Counselling & Coaching Services

The operate environment is highly stressful and with the present economic condition, there is always the fear of getting the yellow slip. This demanding working environment often results in high anxiety level, constant negative thoughts, and a feeling of insecurity. At operate, the employee may require disciplinary counselling; personal counselling; stress management; counselling for drugs and alcohol addiction; or disability counselling. Today, there are many companies who provide confidential workplace cognitive behavioral therapy for their employees. This brief psychological therapy is paid for by the company.

Some of the companies directly employ “in-house” function counselors who the employees can seek to resolve the troublesome workplace issues. These counselors are easily accessible and capable of qualified assessment and alleviate any kind of distress. The counselors through one-off interview successfully deal with poor performance or unacceptable behavior without the company actually needing disciplinary action. Also, the employees can seek counselors for advice to deal with personal problems affecting mental or physical health such as stress, depression, bullying and harassment at function; alcohol or drug abuse.

The counselling provided at perform is often valued by employees. A get the job done counselling session plays a pivotal role in reducing sick leaves; builds the reputation of the company as a caring employee, and the employee feels important. Also, the pressure is taken-off from the shoulders of the senior executives as there is professional help available to deal with difficult staff situations as the troublesome employee case is handled in a constructive way. The perform counselling includes face to face counselling; telephone counselling; legal counsel; or also critical-incident debriefing. Most of the companies keep the counselling reports confidential.

An effective perform counselling immensely helps in boosting the performance level of the employees, instils a feeling of belonging to the organization thus reducing attrition rate; increases confidence level and also gives a sense of security.